Terms & Conditions for use of our site

1. General

i) These terms and conditions apply to use of the Relicorps webSite.

ii) By using our webSite, you accept these terms and conditions in full.

iii) By using this webSite you accept any cookies used on Relicorps.

2. Interpretation

In these Terms & Conditions these words have the following meaning:

‘Site’ means the Relicorps webSite and any associated webSite, email address or associated or linked business;

‘Seller’ is a person or other legal entity who offers for sale goods or services on the Relicorps Site;

‘Buyer’ is a person or other legal entity who purchases goods or services on Relicorps;

‘Advertisement/Advert’ means any Advertisement or other promotional material for any product or service placed on the Site;

‘Fees and Commission’ refers to any amounts payable to Relicorps by a Seller who has sold an Item on the Site;

‘Member’ is a Seller or Buyer who has supplied their details to Relicorps with a view to buying and selling Items on the Site;

‘User’ is any person who visits or views the Relicorps Site, including a Member;

‘Item/s’ is any goods or services traded on Relicorps;

‘Party/Parties’ means any Buyer, Seller or User of this Site;

‘Territory’ is any sovereign state or other entity with their own laws;

‘Trade’ is the placing for sale, selling or buying of any Item on Relicorps

‘Transaction’ is any successful offer to sell or buy on the Site.

Where a term is used with the above meaning in these Terms and Conditions the word is capitalised.

3. Intended Trade

ii) Relicorps is a multi-vendor platform to permit individuals and corporations to buy and sell lawful Items across the world.

iii) Relicorps is not, and cannot be held, legally responsible for Transactions that take place on our Site.

iv) It is strictly prohibited for any Item to be offered for sale on Relicorps which contravenes the laws or any legal requirements in the country, state or territory [‘the Territory’] of the Seller or he Buyer, and Relicorps will not be a Party to such Transactions.

v) Relicorps accepts in good faith details given by Sellers and Buyers on the Site and will not be held liable if any given particulars are false or inaccurate, whether provided maliciously or innocently.

vi) In addition to these Terms and Conditions, Sellers and Buyers have to comply with the terms and conditions imposed by any payment method supplier, card receiver, foreign exchange company or clearing house used by Relicorps from time to time.

4. Prohibited Trade

The following Items are not to be sold or purchased on Relicorps in any circumstances:

i) Live and blank firing firearms; subject to v) below;

ii) Deactivated firearms which do not have a current relevant deactivation certificate conforming with UK or EU regulations, or any other deactivation standard applicable in the territory of the Seller and Buyer;

iii) Explosives and ammunition, other than those which have a relevant ‘FFE’ – ‘Free From Explosives’ certificate or equivalent, issued by a competent authority;

iii) Edged and other weapons of any type which are prohibited in the territory of the Seller or Buyer;

iv) Any Item which Relicorps in its absolute discretion considers to be offensive to, or likely to incite hatred towards, any ethnic group or minority; is racist; defamatory to any person, or Relicorps otherwise deems in their absolute discretion to be unsuitable for the Site.

v) Antique firearms may be sold on the site if they conform with the current UK legal definition of an antique firearm for which a certificate is not required, or they are already on certificate or in the possession of a Registered Firearms Dealer as an antique. It is the sole responsibility of the Seller and Buyer to ensure they are complying with the law. Relicorps makes no warranty as to the legal status of any such antique, and can take no responsibility for any breach of the law. Relicorps will assist the police if requested and Sellers and Buyers should be aware that unlawful transactions in firearms attract lengthy prison sentences.


It is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller of any Item to ensure that a
Transaction taking place between two different territories complies with all relevant import and export requirements and that any necessary export or import license or
permit has been obtained.


It is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller of any Item to notify the appropriate
authorities in their territory of the sale or purchase of any Item in any circumstances
which requires notification under any relevant applicable legislation. Relicorps is not a
Party to the contract of sale between the Seller and the Buyer.


Relicorps reserves the right to decline an Advert for any Item, and to decline a sale
on the Site which, in their absolute discretion, breaches any of these terms and


Relicorps cannot be held liable for any direct or consequential loss resulting from
the use of their Site however caused.


This website “www.relicorps.com” and all logos of Relicorps and other material on
the Site is the intellectual property of Relicorps and may not be copied or reproduced
in whole or part without our express written permission.


In the event that any third Party website or URL can be accessed directly or
indirectly from this Site, Relicorps is not responsible for any such content or material
which may be so accessible.

11. Copyright and trademarks

All Sellers and Buyers using this Site must fully acknowledge any Trade Marks, logos, design material and any other intellectual property rights associated with Items Advertised for sale on the Site.

12. Sellers and Buyers Conditions

i) Sellers must ensure the accuracy and authenticity of all Advertisements and information placed on the Site. Relicorps cannot accept any liability if the information provided regarding any Item for sale is inaccurate in any respect. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that all Items for sale are accurately described and are suitable for their stated purposes.

ii) Any Seller found to be offering any goods or services which are mis-described or fraudulent will have the Advert removed without refund of any fees paid, and, in the absolute discretion of Relicorps, may have our further services denied to them;

iii) Payments to Relicorps are always deemed to be market place fees; 

iv) The Seller will pay Relicorps a commission on all Transactions of Items on the Site; 

v) Sellers will also pay a Transaction fee of for all non-European card Transactions, where purchases are made using such cards; 

vi) All fees and commissions will be payable by the Seller when the sale of an Item is completed and are payable within 14 days whether specifically requested or otherwise. All payable Fees and Commissions will be deducted by Relicorps prior to payment being made by the Seller; 

vii) The Buyer will make all payments for Items Advertised on Relicorps direct to the the Site’s payment system if requested, or will use their own payment system as agreed with the Seller; 

viii) Relicorps reserves the right to modify and update the Fees and Commissions payable on the Site at any time. Relicorps will make reasonable endeavours to inform Sellers and Buyers of such changes, but it is the responsibility of Users to check current terms and conditions on the Site.

13. Accuracy of Members details

By placing an Item for sale on the Site a Seller confirms the following:

i) The name and contact details they have provided are correct and accurate;

ii) They have good title to the goods and are free to sell such Items unencumbered; and that any Items or services offered are lawful, fit for purpose and are available for immediate purchase;

iii) A Buyer confirms that they are providing their correct name and contact details, and where appropriate accurate age verification information.

14. Contract Terms

i) That all goods offered for sale by a Seller are lawful to be sold by them in their territory;

ii) If selling to a Buyer in another territory they have obtained any necessary export license and hold, or have obtained, any other relevant license or permit;

iii) The Seller undertakes to pay Relicorps all Fees and Commissions due on demand. Any failure to do so may result in withdrawal of all the Seller’s Items from the Site;

iv) The Seller will indemnify and hold harmless Relicorps in respect of any claim or associated loss made by a Buyer against the Seller in respect of any Item placed for sale on the Site.

15. By purchasing, or attempting to purchase, an Item for sale on the Site a Buyer confirms the following:

i) The name and contact details they have provided are correct and accurate;

ii) They are in a position to immediately pay for the goods or services offered;

iii) That their acquisition and possession of the Item is lawful in their territory and that they have obtained any necessary authorities, licenses or permits to import and possess the Item/s;

iv) Any review of a Seller or Item purchased on the Site with be fair and accurate and will not contain any defamatory or offensive material.

16. Contract disputes

i) Items bought and sold on the Relicorps Site are subject to a contract between the Seller and the Buyer. Relicorps is not a party to any such contract;

ii) In the event of a dispute between the Buyer and the Seller concerning Items sold on Relicorps, payment failure, or for any other reason, Relicorps is not responsible for, and will not become involved in, any necessary refunds, repayment or restitution;

iii) Relicorps does not warrant fitness for purpose of any Items sold on the Site;

iv) Relicorps gives no warranty regarding return or replacement of Items claimed to be faulty, whether such Item is new or used.

v) Relicorps cannot be held responsible for Items and orders which are cancelled by the Seller or which fail to be delivered or for any other consequential loss however caused.

17. Termination of Members account

Relicorps will exercise their right in their absolute discretion to terminate a Member's account and will refuse future Membership in the following circumstances:

i) details are given on Relicorps by Members directing users to other websites or direct contact details are given in any way;

ii) Members are found to have given incorrect names or contact details;

iii) Members are found to have made false statements about Items for sale, whether they refer to the condition, legal status or otherwise of the Item;

iv) A Member has failed to pay Relicorps account in accordance with these terms and conditions;

v) In the event of termination of Membership in accordance with these Terms and Conditions Relicorps is not liable for any direct or consequential loss, however caused.

18. Data Protection

i) All personal data provided by Sellers and Buyers will be dealt with in accordance with our data protection policy and the UK General Data Protection Regulations.

ii) By providing personal data to us for the purposes of using the Site, Sellers and Buyers give express permission for Relicorps to use and retain that data for any lawful purpose, including, but not limited to, debt collection and the provision to law enforcement authorities of Parties to any Transaction upon the request of such authorities.

19. Jurisdiction

Any disputes arising between Sellers or Buyers and Relicorps is subject to English Law, and can only be determined in the courts of England and Wales.

20. Assignment

Relicorps reserve the right to assign our rights under these Terms and Conditions to another Party at any time.

21. Modification

These Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time without notice. © Nick Doherty, Brudenell Chambers 2020