How it works

It’s easy to use Relicorps. As a seller, you can easily create an account and start listing items for sale. We take authenticity seriously, so our team  will review all listings and remove any that look suspicious or violate our community rules (see below).

Here are a few tips when selling on Relicorps:

  1. Be descriptive in the title and description, but don’t misrepresent your items or create click-bait titles.
  2. Take high quality pictures and accurately show your item!
  3. List the condition of the item accurately
  4. If you allow for local pickup you can select that as an option in the listing
  5. For shipping, just use a flat rate and you can add any other specifics for shipping in the general description

Fees and Payments

Listing an item is free and you can list as many items as you like. 

To keep the lights on, we do charge sellers an 6% fee on all sales.

If you can list 50+ items you will get the reduced fee of just 3%.

All transactions go straight to you directly from the customer! We are not involved in the transaction process and will never hold your funds from you. You'll simply be charged the fees after the sale.

Commission payments are due within 14 days of the sale. Failure to settle these payments will result in restricted access to your account. 

For the safety and security of the community, we also do not tolerate transactions to be taken off of our site. Sending your personal information, contact information, email, etc is prohibited in messages and you will be removed from our site if you do so. 

Community Rules

  1. Respect all other members and do not send offensive, spam, or threatening messages, leave comments, or any other form of offensive communication.
  2. In general this is a community online but treat all members like you would if speaking with them in person. Just because you are on a site doesn’t mean that you can be a dick. 
  3. Try to answer all messages timely
  4. Be timely in your shipping items, updating tracking information, and all communications with the buyer. We all get really excited when we buy a new item, so remember how it feels to know exactly when your item was shipped when you have purchased in the past. 


Live-Firing weapons other than antiques are forbidden on Relicorps, only deactivated weapons with certificates that meet the current regulatory standards in your territory and the territory you're selling to are permitted. Sellers of edged weapons and deacts must take every step to ensure the buyer is 18 years or older. 

Replica & Imitation Firearms are permitted on the site but its the sole responsibility of the seller to ensure the buyer adhere's to the rules under the Violent Crime Reduction act 2006.

For more information check our Terms & Conditions.

If you ever have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us through the site and we will promptly reply.